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Corecon Consulting/Training Options

  • Online Training Sessions
  • On-site Training
  • 3-Day Training Events in Las Vegas, NV and Orlando, FL

Why Engage an Implementation Consultant?

Corecon impacts every aspect of your organization from customer relations and sales, to estimating, procurement and contract administration, through to project management, resource utilization and scheduling and finally to the back office accounting function. There is not an area in your organization that Corecon does not influence.

Corecon makes considerable effort to provide you with resources, ranging from on-line videos and Help documentation to live webinars and classroom training events, designed to teach you the extensive functionality of its solution.

Our Implementation Consulting service allows you to work with a consultant on a one-to-one basis. Together with the consultant you will decide how best to apply Corecon’s vast functionality to your unique business environment. This will result in Best Business Practices that define those Policies and Procedures used to train your staff so that they are working at the highest level of effectiveness and productivity.

Unlike Help Desk Support, Training Videos and Webinars, Corecon consultants learn how you work and then provide guidance that makes the most sense for your business processes. By engaging our services you will draw on experience and knowledge that will ultimately reduce the amount of time and therefore cost to implement, while dramatically raising the likelihood of a successful solution.

What should be supplied to the consultant?

Prior to the first implementation meeting, the following information should be provided to the consultant.

  • Client Statement of Goals and Objectives of new system
  • List of software applications currently being used by the organization (i.e. MS Office, Accounting, CRM System, Estimating, Time Tracking, Payroll etc.)
  • Company Organization Chart showing Roles and Responsibilities
  • Accounting System's GL Chart of Accounts
  • Accounting System's Item List
  • Master Job Cost Code List
  • Sample Estimate(s) with Details (i.e. Sections, Items, Markups, Inclusions etc.)
  • Sample Estimate Proposal
  • Sample Contract with Customer
  • Sample Job Cost Reports

Implementation Guidelines for Standard Online Package

Below are general guidelines on how to implement Corecon succesfully.

Stage 1. Establish Implementation Team, Corecon Overview & Submit Materials

Responsibility: Contractor/Engineering Firm

  1. Designate the key people (i.e. Team Leaders) who will be responsible for implementing Corecon. Having people from different departments is recommended.
  2. Team Leaders should review Training Guides and Online Videos to become familiar with Corecon.
  3. Materials listed in section above should be gathered by Team Leaders and submitted to Consultant.

Stage 2. Documentation Review, System Configuration & Templates

Responsibility: Consultant

  1. Review Client's Statement of Goals and Objectives for new system
  2. Review Client's Documentation (i.e. GL Chart of Accounts, Job Cost Codes etc.)
  3. Identify and Implement Critical Corecon Setup And Configuration Requirements
  4. Submit Microsoft Excel Import Templates to Client (i.e. Contacts, Cost Databases, Cost Codes etc.)

Stage 3. Data Preparation

Responsibility: Contractor/Engineering Firm

  1. Client populates necessary data into Microsoft Excel Import Templates

Stage 4. Import Data

Responsibility: Consultant & Contractor/Engineering Firm

  1. Consultant reviews spreadsheets for any potential issues.
  2. Import Companies and Contacts
  3. Import Cost Codes
  4. Optional: Import Cost Database Items

Stage 5. Pilot/Test Project

Responsibility: Consultant & Contractor/Engineering Firm

  1. Review Pilot/Test Project
  2. Define Project Type Classifications (i.e. Home, School, Library, Apartment Building)
  3. Enter Project
  4. Classify Project
  5. Tag Companies for Project Directory

Stage 6. Project Management Financial Setup

Responsibility: Consultant & Contractor/Engineering Firm

  1. Run Contract Admin Setup Wizard to establish Cost Codes, Contract and Budgets
  2. Review Procurement Options
  3. Review Progress Invoicing
  4. Review Financial Dashboards

Optional: Stage 7. Integration with Accounting System

Responsibility: Consultant & Contractor/Engineering Firm

  1. Review Accounting System's GL Chart of Accounts and Items
  2. Demonstrate CoreconLink functionality
  3. Review CoreconLink Sync Preferences