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CoreconLink for Sage 50 (Canada)

The CoreconLink for Sage 50 (Canada) utility allows accounting staff to transfer project financials to Sage 50 (Canada) that have been entered in Corecon V7. This eliminates duplicate data entry and maintains company-wide consistency.

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The CoreconLink application transfers information from Corecon to Sage 50 Canada Pro, Premium and Quantum editions. This application can be downloaded from within Corecon and is typically installed in the accounting department. The points of integration between Corecon and Sage 50 Canada are listed below.

Corecon Feature Transfer Method Sage 50 Feature
Startup Phase
Companies Customers
  Import, Export and Sync  
Employees Employees
  Import, Export and Sync  
Project Setup Phase
Projects Jobs
Project Transactions: Accounts Payable
Bills Bills
Sub Invoices Bills
Project Transactions: Accounts Receivable
Prime Invoices Invoices
  • Eliminates Duplicate Data Entry
  • Use Sage 50 Canada for general accounting functions and Corecon for job costing
  • Import/Export/Synchronize Customers, Vendors and Employees
  • Setup a Job in Sage 50 Canada using Corecon Project data
  • Export Corecon project transactions with ease

What versions of Sage 50 Canada are supported?


  • 2018 Pro, Premium and Quantum editions
  • 2017 Pro, Premium and Quantum editions

What operating systems are supported?

CoreconLink for Sage 50 Canada can only be installed on Windows 8 or 10 operating systems.

Can I install the CoreconLink on multiple computers?