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CoreconLink for Microsoft Outlook

The CoreconLink for Microsoft Outlook is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013 versions. This add-on is an embedded application and will appear within Microsoft Outlook's ribbon menu and provides the following integration with Corecon.

  • Import/Export/Synchronize Companies and Contacts
  • Upload Outlook Emails to Corecon's Journal feature along with Attachments
  • Export Corecon Project Alerts to Outlook's Calendar

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The points of integration between Corecon and Microsoft Outlook are listed below.

Corecon Feature Transfer Method MS Outlook Feature
Contacts Contacts
  Import, Export and Sync  
Project Calendar Calendar
Journals Emails
  Import with Attachments  

What operating systems are supported?

Windows 8 and 10

What versions of Microsoft Outlook are supported?

Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013 (Windows Versions Only)

What is the price of the CoreconLink for Microsoft Outlook?


Can I install the CoreconLink on multiple computers?


Can I import, export and synchronize contacts with a Microsoft Exchange Public Folder?

At the present time, the CoreconLink for Microsoft Outlook can import, export and synchronize with the default contact folder only. It does not support integration with a Microsoft Exchange Public Folder.