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    Corecon Overview - A Fully Integrated Cloud Construction Software Platform

    Use Fewer Tools

    Reduce manual data entry

    Collaborate with internal and external teams

    Centralize everything



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    Corecon Platform

    Corecon consists of one core platform
    that includes all of the functionality you need to run your construction business.

    The Corecon’s Core Platform functionality includes:

    Business Development
    Manage contacts and track job opportunities from lead to awarded job. 
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    Create accurate and detailed estimates that are integrated with the rest of your business. 
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    Project management
    Keep jobs on schedule and time worked accounted for with calendars, scheduling, and time tracking.
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    Job Costing
    Take care of the entire job costing process without workarounds and expensive software upgrades.
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    Pricing: $40-60/user/month,
    Unlimited collaborators

    Device Compatibility: Desktops, Laptops and Tablets

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    Add more power to Corecon with Add-Ons

    Connect all your internal & external teams, across departments, platforms, while keeping
    everything in sync with accounting

    Corecon Mobile: Access from everywhere

    Now your field staff can access important communications, documents, schedules and more from wherever they are.

    Device Compatibility: Smartphones and Tablets running either Google Android or Apple iOS

    Pricing: FREE for Corecon Subscribers

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    CoreconLink: Accounting Integrations

    CoreconLink provides seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and popular accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero. Eliminate the duplicate data entry, maintain consistency across your organization, and avoid expensive software upgrades.

    Pricing: $10-40/company/month

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    TeamLink Portal: Unlimited Collaborators

    Share lead and project information with customers, vendors, and consultants in one secure place. Outside team members can access everything they need without emailing and calling you.

    Device Compatibility: Desktops, Laptops, Tablets

    Pricing: Free
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