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Request For Pricing (RFP)

Coordinate with your subs and suppliers on a single integrated platform to eliminate price quotes via fax or phone and to quickly find the best vendor bid to develop a competitive proposal.


No more price quotes via fax or phone

Email RFP Package invitations so subs and suppliers can see what is included in the package.

Vendors can then submit their pricing online using Corecon’s free TeamLink Portal.

Quickly compare vendor bids side-by-side

See how each of your vendor bids stack up with a side-by-side comparison view.

Options are available to automatically select the overall lowest bidder or the lowest item price available.

Integrate RFP packages with Estimating

Let Corecon bring your contractors, RFP packages, and estimates into one centralized place.

Now, duplicate data entry is eliminated, errors are reduced, and RFP packages and estimates are kept in sync automatically.