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Eliminate the duplicate data entry in your procurement process with a solution for construction projects that integrates procurement with estimating and accounting.


Integrate estimating with procurement

Corecon’s Procurement Wizard can copy Estimate items and RFP Packages to POs and/or Subcontracts saving time by eliminating duplicate data entry and minimizing mistakes.

Separate processes for suppliers and subs

There are different requirements when it comes to purchasing materials from suppliers vs. obtaining services from subs -- this is why there are separate features for each:

  • PO & Bill
  • Subcontract, SCO & Sub Invoices

Export bills and sub invoices to accounting

Eliminate the duplicate data entry you do to export bill and sub invoices to accounting via integrations with accounting software such as Quickbooks and Xero. Bills and Sub Invoices will appear in the accounting system upon syncing.