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Job Opportunities

Create, categorize, track, and analyze job opportunities without leaving Corecon. Then when a job is awarded, push it to project management in one click.


Categorize leads any way you want

Create classifications to categorize job opportunities so it fits your process, for example:

  • By lead source: referral, or lead service
  • By structure: school, custom home, or retail facility

Track job opportunities and communication

Your estimators gain better insights into job opportunities by easily setting the status of each lead using stages (eg. bidding, bid submitted, awarded, not awarded).

You can then analyze this information to determine what is and isn’t working.

Start new jobs faster and with less work

Set up newly awarded jobs for project management without the duplicate data entry.

Corecon’s Lead to Project Wizard quickly moves drawings, specs, estimates and correspondence over to project management so that they can get started right away.