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Contract Management

Whether you do fixed lump sum, cost plus or unit price contracts, we have you covered. Manage the subtleties of all construction contracts with ease.


Track one or more client contracts per job.

Corecon easily handles phased work that requires separate contracts for your residential or commercial jobs, for example:

  • Design & Construction
  • House & Pool
  • Lot 1 & Lot 2
  • Apt. Building 1 & 2

Comprehensive budget tracking

Track four budget types per client contract and cost code:

  • Cost - Matl, Lbr, Eqp, Sub, Other
  • Contract amount
  • Labor hours
  • Equipment hours

Manage multiple contract types

Select from four contract types for client contracts and subcontracts:

  • Fixed lump sum
  • Cost plus with guaranteed maximum price (GMP)
  • Cost plus with GMP
  • Unit Price