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    Corecon Mobile - Construction Software for iOS and Android

    Contractors have a very mobile workforce and providing information to employees out in the field is crucial. In addition, these employees don't often use laptops and rely more on smart phones and tablets to view and enter information.

    To address this need, Corecon's Mobile Apps for iOS and Android were built specifically for job site staff and can be used in conjunction with Corecon. Information entered in the the mobile Apps such as Daily Logs, Timecards, Punchlists etc. will immediately appear in Corecon so no synchronization is required!

    Corecon Mobile Features:

    Contact Management

    • Companies
    • Contacts - (import from phone, share contacts via SMS)

    Lead and Project General Information

    • Leads Listing (Job Opporunities)
    • Projects Listing (Awarded Jobs)
    • Lead and Project Directory
    • Drawings
    • Specifications


    • Issues
    • Journals
    • Request For Informaton (RFI)
    • Submittals


    • Milestone/Progress Photos (view, take and upload new photos)
    • Daily Logs (add weather on the fly, receive materials based on POs, enter manpower etc.)

    Quality Control and Safety

    • Checklist
    • Comply Notice
    • Punchlist


    • Tasks

    Contract Administration

    • Prime Contracts
    • Change Proposal Request (CPR)
    • Change Order (CO)

    Procurement and Expenses

    • Purchase Orders
    • Bills
    • Subcontracts
    • SCOs
    • Employee Misc. Expenses

    Time Tracking

    • Labor Timecards
    • Equipment Timecards


    • To Do List
    • Alerts
    • Inbound Emails



    Apple iOS

    Corecon's iOS App - Main Menu

    Google Android

    Corecon's Android App - Punchlist

    iOS and Android Tablets


    Where can I download the App?

    Corecon's Mobile Apps are available for download from Apple's iTunes and Google's Play Store.

    Can I use the App on a phone and tablet device?


    Does it require syncing with Corecon?

    Corecon's Mobile Apps connect to the same online database as Corecon. Thus, entries made in the App will immediately appear in Corecon without any synchronization.

    What is the price of Corecon Mobile?

    FREE to all subscribers of Corecon