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Job Costing

Let Corecon handle the complexity of job costing and continue using affordable accounting solutions such as Quickbooks and Xero. No more workarounds that waste your time and result in errors.


Keep using affordable accounting software

Corecon handles change order management, AIA-style invoices, Work-in-Progress analyses, and more while also integrating with accounting solutions such as Quickbooks and Xero.

No need to switch to expensive accounting software.

Stop using Microsoft Excel workarounds

Corecon takes care of your job costing needs so that you can stop using time-consuming and error-prone Excel workarounds.

Plus, project managers no longer need to bother accounting staff for financial reports -- they have access to comprehensive dashboards.

More capabilities for less money

Corecon’s job costing capabilities and integrations span estimating, contract administration, procurement, time tracking, dashboards, and accounting.

These capabilities will cost you 2-4x as much anywhere else.