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Integrate all your estimating process from Invitation to Bid (ITB), to estimate preparation and collecting vendor bids with RFPs.


Automate Invitations to Bid (ITB)

Notify subcontractors and suppliers of an upcoming project using an automated email sent directly from Corecon.

This email includes a secure link that allows vendors to view bid information, drawings, specifications, and then accept or decline the ITB.

Prepare estimates for complex jobs

Use up to a 4-tier Work Breakdown Structure to group and sort estimate items. Apply markups to individual line items, sections or for the entire estimate.

Document inclusions, exclusions and clarifications by section so the scope of work is clear and concise.

Easily add cost line items to an estimate

Maintain consistency from one estimate to the next using industry standard cost databases such as RS Means or build your own.

Database options include labor, equipment, crews, materials and assemblies. Unique items can also be added on the fly.