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Change Orders

Forget the change order madness. Corecon eliminates duplicate data entry and the need for heavy administrative tasks across teams, processes, and documents.


Collaborate using Change Proposal Requests (CPR)

Track potential changes for a project from inception to acceptance or rejection. Emails with a secure link are sent to vendors so they can document their pricing and scheduling impact online.

When CPRs are approved, they can then be converted to Change Orders (CO).

Always up-to-date financial dashboards

CPRs and COs can be created for any type of contract: fixed lump sum, cost plus, and unit price.

However, only when COs are approved will they affect cost, contract amount, and hour budgets shown in Corecon’s financial dashboards.

Don’t forget sub changes

Corecon keeps track of which vendor items have been referenced on a CPR and marked approved so that these items, depending on the scenario, can be copied to a PO, Subcontract or SCO.