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Cloud Construction Software

Fully Integrated Estimating, Project Management, Job Costing, and scheduling

Stay organized, collaborate with vendors, and automate your business processes throughout your construction company.

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Managing your construction projects is more complicated and time-consuming than it needs to be

You rely on too many disconnected tools

Your information is distributed between too many tools that don’t cooperate, making it difficult to keep everything up to date and accurate.

You waste time with duplicate data entry

So, you waste time clicking in and out of multiple tools, manually entering the same data more than once, and you need more administrative help to stay organized.

Each small change sets off a chain reaction

And in the construction industry, where a small change impacts a number of people, processes, and documents… this all results in a lot of wasted time and money.


Introducing Corecon

An All in-One Construction Management Platform

Play Corecon overview video: 2:11 min


Use Fewer Tools

Save money and simplify your workflows by reducing the number of tools and admin help you need to manage your construction projects.

Reduce Manual Data Entry

Corecon automates the flow of information between estimating, project management, and accounting so you can spend less time manually managing documents and communication.

No IT Required

Our new platform, Corecon V8, is designed to hide Corecon’s comprehensive feature set until you need it. You get a clean, quick, and user-friendly solution that doesn’t require IT.


Corecon is a web-based app, giving you access to your projects anytime, anywhere, and on any internet-connected device.


Android & iOS

Access the core functionality that you need while on the road or on a job site with Corecon’s native Android and iOS apps.


Trusted by over 5,500 paying subscribers in 15 countries


Over $3 Billion of project work was managed in Corecon for 2016!


Estimating, project management, and job costing in one convenient place:


✓ Create Estimates
✓ Manage Vendor Bids
✓ Track Leads
✓ Manage Contacts

Create and analyze your new project leads using construction-specific dashboards to ensure you spend time nurturing the leads that are the most profitable and likely to close.

Manage all of your prospects, customers, subcontractors and consultants in one central place.

Then, automate your estimating process and integrate it with project management and accounting.  This eliminates the duplicate data entry you do when you rely on spreadsheets and multiple software solutions.

Learn more about Estimating with Corecon >



Cloud-Construction-Bid Management-Software-Screenshot


Project Management & Collaboration

✓ Documentation
✓ Calendars & Scheduling
✓ Internal & External Collaboration

Handle everything a project manager needs to worry about without leaving Corecon including contract administration, procurement, correspondence documentation, scheduling, time tracking and more.

Collaborate with internal and external parties by granting access to the information and functionality they need.

Plus, relevant inputs from business development and outputs to accounting are taken care of automatically.

Learn more about Project Management & Collaboration >


Job Costing

✓ Contract Management
✓ Procurement
Change Orders
Progress Invoices
Project Financial Dashboards

Track costs, contracts, and hourly budgets with ease.  Manage changes and progress invoices for client contracts and subcontracts.

All project financials including expenses and time cards are fully integrated with popular SMB accounting software (e.g. QuickBooks and Xero).

This eliminates the need to choose between expensive accounting software upgrades and time-consuming workarounds.

Learn more about Job Costing with Corecon >




See how Corecon can help automate and integrate your:

Estimating - Project management - Accounting processes

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