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TeamLink Portal - Collaborate with Customers and Vendors on Projects

Engineering and construction firms are bombarded with project related questions from customers, consultants and vendors. For example, subs will often contact the general contractor's accounting or project management department inquiring about the status of their change orders, answers to RFIs or where they can download the latest set of plans. Customers may be inquiring about progress invoices and the status on the schedule. Wouldn't it be nice to share this information in a secure manner?

Well, Corecon's TeamLink Portal was built from the ground up to connect “your” business with external team members. As a result, project execution and communication will greatly improve and the relationships with all parties involved will benefit! This secure portal will greatly reduce phone calls and emails from outside team members by giving them access to project details on an as needed basis. In addition, customers will feel at ease that communication tools are in place to reduce delays and improve project execution.

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Corecon's TeamLink Portal - The Modern Way To Collaborate!

  • Share project information such as correspondence and documentation with customers, vendors and architects in a secure manner.
  • Eliminate phone calls and emails by providing a self-service portal to access the latest project information.
  • Provide Unlimited Logins to Outside Team Members for Free!
  Corecon's TeamLink Portal - The New Way To Collaborate!

Get Responses From Outside Team Members Quickly

  • Outside Team Members such as Architects can respond to Journals, RFIs and Submittals. Responses that include attachments can also be uploaded.
  • Vendors who have been sent an Invitation To Bid (ITB) or Request For Pricing Package (RFP) can view the latest drawings/specs and provide their pricing online.
  • Auto alerts are sent out automatically back to your firm when any type of response has been posted in the portal.
  Get Responses From Outside Team Members Quickly

No Excuses For Not Knowing The Schedule!

  • Updates to schedules in Corecon V7 and Mobile will immediately be communicated to vendors and owners.
  • Eliminate the"old" school method of distributing schedules via emails or FTP sites.
  Share Project Schedules With Outside Team Members

Specific Financial Dashboards For Vendors And Owners

  • Owner Dashboard Details: Original Contract Budgets, Approved COs and Progress Invoices
  • Vendor Dashboard Details: POs, Bills, Subcontracts, Approved SCOs and Sub Invoices
  Specific Financial Dashboards for Vendors and Owners

Why is this an Industry Game Changer?

  • Totally scalable
  • Free unlimited logins for customers, consultants and vendors! For example, if you have 10 active customers or projects going on with 30 participating vendors then 40 logins could be added, one for each contact!
  • TeamLink Security Roles provide granular access rights for each project and company. Thus, a company can have different security roles for each specific project.
  • Most portals on the market are basically a glorified FTP site where the user creates some sort of file (i.e. pdf, jpeg, doc, xls etc.), uploads it to a shared site and then grants access permissions. However, Corecon's TeamLink portal shows real-time updates from Corecon V7 and eliminates the file creation and uploading process.
  • Dashboards are availalbe for each specific TeamLink Role providing a high-level overview.

TeamLink Portal - It's FREE and brings tremendous value!

Corecon Technologies has always been committed to offering solutions that are comprehensive, rich in functionality and offer tremendous value. Below is an example of how the TeamLink Portal really makes Corecon's value proposition a no brainer!

Example Contractor

  • # of Employees: 3
  • 4 Active Projects: 4 Unique Customers
  • 20 Subcontractors working on the 4 Active Projects

Corecon Purchase

  • Corecon V7 Pro Edition = 1 User * $60/user/mo = $60/month
  • 1 GB of Online File Storage = $3/mo
  • 24 TeamLink Portal Logins (4 Customers + 20 Subs) = Free
  • Monthly Total = $63

In a nutshell, for $63 per month this contractor can automate his/her entire operations and collaborate with all external team members (i.e. 24 people) on drawings, correspondence, documentation, changes, schedules and invoices!

TeamLink Portal - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is required to access the TeamLink Portal?

The TeamLink Portal is web-based and works with any browser: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Exporer and Mozilla Firefox. A high-speed internet connection is also recommended.

What is the price of the TeamLink Portal?

The TeamLink Portal is Free. Thus, you will not need to purchase user licenses for customers, vendors and consultants.

How many of my customers or vendors can access the TeamLink Portal at the same time?


How is security managed in the TeamLink Portal?

In order to access the TeamLink Portal the following criteria has to be met.

  • External Project Team Member must be marked Active and assigned a User Name/Password.
  • Project is marked Active.
  • External Project Team Member's Company must be listed in the Project Directory and assigned a TeamLink Security Role.

What are TeamLink Portal Security Roles?

Access permissions to features and records are determined by TeamLink Portal Security Roles. There are three (3) default roles within the system: Customer, Vendor and Architect. In addition, custom roles can be created from the default options. As mentioned above, these security roles are then specified for companies listed in the Project Directory.

What are some examples in the TeamLink Portal where a Vendor (ie Sub) updates information?

  • Contact Management: Add additional company contacts and document insurance information.
  • Invitation To Bid (ITB): Confirm they would like to bid on the project and have downloaded plans and specs.
  • Request For Pricing (RFP) Packages: Provide pricing on bid items.
  • Change Proposal Request: Provide pricing on potential change items.
  • RFIs and Submittals: Can initiate their own RFI and Submittal and upload related files.
  • Scheduling: Comment on tasks.

What are some examples in the TeamLink Portal where an Architect updates information?

  • RFIs and Submittals: Provides responses and upload related files.
  • Scheduling: Comment on tasks.

Currently many features are read only, however, Request for Price (RFP) Packages, Journals, RFIs and Submittals allow data entry and uploading of supporting documentation.

How does Corecon alert me of updates posted in the TeamLink Portal?

Any time a record has been updated in the portal, Corecon will send an email alert to the coordinator of the project record.