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        Corecon V7 - Web Based Construction Software Suite

        Corecon Technologies' flagship product, Corecon v7, is a web-based construction software suite that incorporates industry best practices to improve productivity from the office to the jobsite. This award winning solution provides construction and engineering firms the necessary tools for tracking leads, creating estimates, managing vendor bids, collaborating on documents, tracking schedules, and managing contract budgets and changes. In addition, comprehensive dashboards are available to improve project visibiliy in order to maximize profitabilty and reduce risk.

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        Construction Specific Contact Management

        • 2-Tiered Contact Management System: Companies and Contacts
        • Track Vendor Insurance and Licenses. Expired Alerts will appear on all vendor transactions
        • Your Master Roledex: Access it anywhere anytime using any type of device (i.e. laptop, smart phone, tablet)
        • Import from Microsoft Excel
        • Import/Export/Synchronize with:
          • Microsoft Outlook
          • Intuit QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Online
          • Sage 50 Canada
          • SAP Business One 9.0
          • Xero
          Corecon Construction Software - Contact Management

        Track Job Opportunities Using Leads

        • Full Lead tracking system to record job opportunities
        • Categorize Leads using unlimited classifications
        • Create and track Drawings, Specs, Correspondence and Estimates for each Lead
        • Lead Calendar: Shows bids due and correspondence that have reminder dates
        • Use Stages to record Lead status (i.e. reviewing plans, bidding, bid submitted, awarded)
        • Lead Dashboards to analyze stages by quarter and year-over-year comparisons
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          Corecon Construction Software - Track Job Opportunities Using Leads

        Setting Up Leads or Awarded Projects is Easy using Built-In Wizards

        Some of Corecon's Wizards:
        • Quick Lead Add Wizard
        • Quick Project Add Wizard (shown)
        • Lead to Project Wizard: Creates Awarded Project and moves Drawings, Specs, Correspondence and Estimates Over
        • Estimate to PM Wizard: Creates Job Cost Codes, Contract, and Budgets
        • Estimate to Procurement Wizard: Issue POs and Subcontracts to awarded vendors in RFP Packages
        • Estimate to Scheduling Wizard: Create summary or detail Schedules from Estimate
          Corecon Construction Software - Save Time Using Built-In Wizards


        • Build your own cost database or use industry standard databases from RS Means
        • Send out Invitations to Bid (ITB) to Vendors (Commercial GC feature)
        • Create multiple estimates (i.e. Base Bid, Alt 1, Alt 2) for Leads and Projects
        • Organize estimate up to 4 tiers using Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
        • Use Request For Pricing (RFP) Packages to collect and track Sub/Supplier bids
        • Estimate Markups at 3 levels: Line item, WBS Section, and Global (entire estimate)
        • Cuts and Adds for last minute changes
        • Professional looking Proposal and Detail Reports
        • Wizards to Copy or Compare Estimates (i.e. Base Bid versus Base Bid Rev 1)
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          Corecon Construction Software - Estimating

        Contract Administration

        • Create one or more Contracts for phased work (i.e. Design & Construction, Lot 1 & 2)
        • Contract Types:
          • Fixed Lump Sum
          • Cost Plus with Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
          • Cost Plus without GMP
          • Unit Price
        • Track Four (4) Budget Types per Contract and Cost Code:
          • Cost - Matl, Lbr, Eqp, Sub, Other
          • Revenue or Contract Amount
          • Labor Hours
          • Equipment Hours
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          Corecon Construction Software - Contract Administration

        Comprehensive Change Management

        • Track Prime Contract changes using the Change Proposal Request (CPR) and Change Order (CO) features
        • Track Subcontract changes using the Sub Change Order (SCO) feature
        • Use the TeamLink Portal to request and collect sub/supplier pricing for CPRs
        • Use the CPR to CO Wizards to roll multiple approved CPRs into a single CO
        • Use the CPR to Procurement Wizard to create POs or SCOs for the impacted vendors
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          Corecon Construction Software - Comprehensive Change Management

        Progress Invoicing

        • Invoice process tailored for Fixed Lump Sum, Cost Plus and Unit Price contracts
        • Track Retainage/Holdbacks for Work Completed and Stored To Date
        • Export Progress Invoices to:
          • Intuit QuickBooks Desktop & Online
          • Sage 50 Canada
          • SAP Business One 9.0
          • Xero
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          Corecon Construction Software - Progress Invoicing


        • Process for Suppliers: POs and Bills
        • Process for Subs: Subcontracts, Sub Change Orders (SCO) and Sub Invoices
        • Workflow can be enabled to alert staff when transactions are over a certain amount and require approval.
        • Estimate to Procurement Wizard: Copy Estimate or RFP Package items to POs and Subcontracts.
        • Copy PO and Subcontract Wizard: Great for repeat work.
        • Export Bills and Sub Invoices to your favorite accounting package!
          Corecon Construction Software - Procurement

        Time Tracking

        • Enter timecards in Corecon v7 or Mobile (Android and iOS)
        • Track Labor and Equipment hours by Project, Contract and Cost Code
        • Use bill rates to charge out employee's time on Cost Plus contracts
        • Special Time/Expense Logins are available to enter just Timecards and Daily Logs
        • Transfer timecards directly to an accounting system or payroll service
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          Corecon Construction Software - Time Tracking


        • Customize detail reports using Microsoft Word templates
        • Customize log reports with options for field selection, sorting, grouping, and filters
          Corecon Construction Software - Custom Detail and Log Reports

        Project Financial Dashboards

        • Executive dashboards provide the “big picture” on all active projects
        • Filters to analyze multiple projects, a single project, contract or cost code
        • Track Estimated Vs Actuals:
          • Est. Cost vs Committed vs Cost To Date
          • Contract Amount vs Billings
          • Labor Hour Budgets vs Approved Labor Timecards
          • Equipment Hour Budgets vs Approved Equipment Timecards
        • Special dashboards:
          • Work-In-Progress (WIP)
          • Cost To Complete
          • Historical Analysis
          • Fiscal Year
          Corecon Construction Software - Project Financial Dashboards

        Custom Dashboards By Module

        • Custom Dashboards for Correspondence, Documentation, Contract Admin and Procurement modules
        • Over 50 Drag and Drop Widgets
        • Each User can specify their own layout
          Corecon Construction Software - Custom Project Dashboards


        • Industry standard features: Journals (i.e. Letters), RFIs, Submittals, Comply Notices
        • Built-in Email Capabilities
        • Collaborate with outside team members using Corecon's TeamLink portal
        • Reminder and Due Date options for most features which appear in the Project Calendar and as an Alert.
          Corecon Construction Software - Project Correspondence


        • Improve quality control using Checklists and Punchlist Items
        • Record Meeting Minutes
        • Document Daily Logs and Safety Accidents per OSHA standards
          Corecon Construction Software - Project Documentation

        Project Calendars

        • The Project Calendar displays items that may require follow-up. This ensures Project Teams are pro-active and not re-active!
        • Options to select one or more projects
        • Filters by Module and Feature
        • Hyperlinks to view details immediately
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          Corecon Construction Software - Project Calendars


        • Track multiple Schedules per Project: Site Development, Lot 1, Lot 2 etc.
        • 3 Main Scheduling Views: Gantt, Resource, and Calendar
        • Cutting edge HTML 5 Gantt Chart control for fast rendering and easy data entry
        • Import capabilities from Microsoft Excel and Project
        • New collaboration capabilities that allow outside team members to comment on assigned tasks via TeamLink Portal.
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          Corecon Construction Software - Scheduling

        Cutting Edge Technology

        • Built using latest web technologies: Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5, HTML 5, AJAX, jQuery
        • Database Engine: Microsoft SQL Server 2014
        • No software to install. Access it on workstation, laptop, netbook, tablet or smartphone anywhere anytime.
        • MAC and Windows compatible solution

        Security and Infrastructure

        • Security Roles for Corecon V7 and TeamLink Portal users
        • Workflow for Contract Admin, Procurement and Timetracking features
        • Corecon's Infrastructure Provider: Rackspace.com
        • Rackspace Security Certification: SAS 70 Level II
        • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring
        • Nightly Backups including Weekends
          Corecon Construction Software - Workflow Rules

        International Support

        • Currency (eg. Dollar, Euro, Peso etc.) is set at the project level.
        • Date format (mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy) can be set company wide or at the user level.
        • Microsoft Word Templates are available for each Detail Report (eg. Proposal, Contract, CO, PO, Invoice etc.) and can be translated into your local language.
        • Column headings on Log Reports (eg. List of COs on the project) can be translated into local language.

        Benefits of being Web-based

        • Ease of implementation - No software to install, just open a browser, login and you are ready to work
        • NO hidden costs - No additional software or hardware to purchase
        • NEVER spend on upgrades or maintenance - all upgrades are automatic and FREE
        • Anytime, Anywhere Access - work from your home, office, job site trailer, or truck
        • LOW RISK investment - instead of spending big dollars upfront, pay a small monthly fee
        • High security - secure data centers with 24x7 monitoring and daily backups of data
        • Faster response to enhancements - with nothing to install Corecon can add features and respond to requests quickly

        Operational Benefits

        • Standardize method of managing jobs regardless of size and scope
        • Create report templates which provide a professional and consistent look which in turns builds brand awareness
        • Stop the madness of having a collection of project spreadsheets, word docs, pdf files, photos etc. scattered across the network. Having a single data repository improves visibility so Management can make quick and informed decisions anywhere anytime.
        • Track up to 4 types of contract budgets: Cost, Revenue (i.e. Contract Amount), Labor Hours, and Equipment Hours
        • Analyze financials across multiple projects, a single project, or by job cost code with a click of a button
        • Take immediate action on auto-generated alerts for items that are coming due or over-due

        Corecon V7 Editions

          Standard Pro Time/Expense Login
        Module/Feature $40
        Contact Management
        Companies Yes Yes Read Only
        Contacts Yes Yes Read Only
        Project Leads (i.e. Business Development)
        Project Leads   Yes  
        Project Lead Directory   Yes  
        Project Lead Drawing Log   Yes  
        Project Lead Specifications   Yes  
        Project Lead Checklist   Yes  
        Project Setup
        Projects Yes Yes  
        Project Directory Yes Yes  
        Project Drawing Log Yes Yes  
        Project Specifications Yes Yes  
        Project Checklists Yes Yes  
        Cost Database Yes Yes  
        Invitation To Bid (ITB) Yes Yes  
        Estimates Yes Yes  
        Estimate RFP Packages Yes Yes  
        Contract Administration
        Contract and Budget Setup Wizards Yes Yes  
        Job Cost Codes Yes Yes  
        Prime Contracts Yes Yes  
        Estimate to CPR/CO Wizard   Yes  
        Prime Change Proposal Request (CPR)   Yes  
        Prime Change Order (CO) Yes Yes  
        Prime Contract Invoice Yes Yes  
        Estimate to Procurement Wizard Yes Yes  
        Purchase Order (PO) Yes Yes  
        Bills Yes Yes  
        Subcontracts   Yes  
        Subcontract Change Order (SCO)   Yes  
        Subcontract Invoices   Yes  
        RFP Packages (entered in Procurement) Yes Yes  
        Anticipated Costs Yes Yes  
        Human Resources (H.R.)
        Employees and Payroll Setup Yes Yes  
        Timecard and Employee Misc. Expense Approval Yes Yes  
        Time and Expenses
        Labor Timecards Yes Yes Yes
        Equipment Timecards   Yes Yes
        Employee Misc. Expenses   Yes Yes
        Comply Notice   Yes  
        Issues   Yes  
        Journals (Letters, Faxes, etc.) Yes Yes  
        Message Log (i.e. Email/Fax Log) Yes Yes  
        Request For Information (RFI)   Yes  
        Submittals   Yes  
        Transmittals   Yes  
        Work Orders (WO) Yes Yes  
        Daily Log Yes Yes Yes
        Meetings Yes Yes  
        Owner Eqp. Items/Furnishings   Yes  
        Permits Yes Yes  
        Punchlist Items Yes Yes  
        Safety Accidents   Yes  
        Test and Inspections   Yes  
        Schedules Yes Yes Yes - Assigned Tasks
        Lead Analysis   Yes  
        Lead/Bid Calendar   Yes  
        Project Financials Yes Yes  
        Project Calendar - Open Items Yes Yes  
        Fiscal Year Financials Yes Yes  
        Email, Fax, and Reporting
        Built-In Emailing Yes Yes  
        Customize Detail Reports Using Word Templates Yes Yes  
        Customize Log Reports Yes Yes  
        Security and Infrastructure
        Named Users Yes Yes  
        Customize Security Roles Yes Yes  
        24/7 System Monitoring Yes Yes  
        Daily Backups Yes Yes  
        To Do List Yes Yes  
        Alerts Yes Yes  
        Online File Storage (i.e. Uploading Photographs, Cad Files) Optional Optional Optional
        TeamLink Portal (Collaboration) Yes Yes  

        What version is appropriate for my firm?

        Commercial GC Pro Edition
        Commercial Sub Pro Edition
        Construction Management Firm Pro Edition
        Home Builder Pro or Standard Edition
        Architectural Firm Pro or Standard Edition
        Engineering Firm Pro or Standard Edition
        Graphic Design Firm Standard Edition
        Custom Yacht Builder Pro or Standard Edition

        What operating systems are supported?

        Corecon v7 is a web-based solution. Thus, it can be used in a Windows, MAC or Linux environment.

        What browsers are supported?

        • Mozilla Firefox (Recommended)
        • Google Chrome
        • Apple Safari
        • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Not Recommended)

        What are the bandwidth requirements (i.e. Internet Connection Speed)?

        1.5 Mbps Down / 1.0 Mbps Up

        Can I use Corecon v7 on a smart phone or tablet device such as Apple iPad?

        Yes however Corecon's Mobile Apps are optimized for tablet and phone devices.

        What is the price of Corecon v7?

        $40-60 per month per user depending on the edition.

        Does Corecon support international date and currency formats?

        Corecon v7 was built from the ground up to support the global construction market. All date and currency formats are supported. In addition, one can have multiple projects with each having different currencies.

        What technology is Corecon v7 built on?

        Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2014
        Languages Used: Microsoft C#, ASP.NET 3.5, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX